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Handy Help has a long and successful history of providing culturally specific services to adults with severe and persistent mental illness and other co-occurring disorders to enhance mental health service delivery and provide housing stability throughout Minnesota.

Handy Help’s professionals are caring, compassionate and non-judgmental people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. We support the people we work with in determining the barriers that get in the way of a better life and help remove those barriers.

Additionally, Handy Help provides several community-based services to waiver recipients/individuals experiencing serious and persistent mental illness, co-occurring disorders, poly-substance dependency, and intellectual developmental disabilities.  Our services are tailored to the needs of the client in a way that promotes choice, opportunities, and recovery.  

Individualized Housing Options are tailored to meet the multicultural client needs per Olmstead Act. We use a holistic approach to provide wraparound services using Intensive and Basic Support Services through 245D Home and Community Based Services license and other non-245D services