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We help our clients find a better life.

We’re a specialty healthcare provider in Minnesota that gives personalized treatment to  people suffering from a variety of physical and mental disorders.

Personalized Care

The care we provide is in our client’s native language and in a more personal and familiar setting.

Our Methods

We employ a blend of person-centered and non-traditional therapy as well as cultural holistic therapy.

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Culturally-Focused Care

Too often, a “color blind” approach is used in working with immigrants or refugees, which minimizes the importance of people’s cultural experience.  This “color blind” approach can create barriers between clinician and client, leading to inaccurate diagnosis and poor treatment planning.  For example, when a client feels a therapist lacks an understanding of their culture and cultural norms, it is difficult for the client to build a trusting and truly authentic relationship with the therapist.



We are proficient in Hmong, Lao, Vietnamese, Chinese (Cantonese dialect), Hindi, Karen, Russian and English.

Personal Attention

Handy Help consists of a highly motivated and compassionate multi-cultural team who provide support and assistance that allows clients to develop the necessary skills to live independently, be part of their community, and enjoy a high quality of life.


Client Testimonial

“Handyhelp pab nriav ntse rau kuv, nyeem kuv cov ntaub ntawv, coj kuv mus ua sis kom kuv txob muaj kev nnyuaj siab.  Kuv tus mob zoo kiag li lawm.”

-HandyHelp Client