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Handy Help LLC has a team of therapists who specialize in Cognitive Behavioral therapy, Dialectical Behavioral therapy, family therapy, Trauma-Informed Therapy.  Therapists are trained to work with individuals in areas including trauma, chemical dependency, hoarding/obsessive-compulsive behaviors, family therapy, grief/loss, symptom management (anxiety, depression).  Therapists will work with individuals in a setting of their preference, including in-home therapy, to decrease stigma and provide a holistic approach to services.  If clients prefer, there is an office setting available as well.  In addition, therapists provide group therapy and support group services.

In 2013, Handy Help implement a new treatment modality to youth in the justice system, a population that has high rates of relapse, who have failed mental health treatment as well as failed to follow through with co-occurring disorders intervention. This process of trauma informed therapy or care model is being used by Handy Help therapist to address specific issues of trauma to support higher rates of treatment outcomes.

Trauma Informed Care is a change of practice to person-centered planning; based on hope, self-determination, and empowerment. Trauma Informed Care stresses the importance of active listening and hearing the lived experiences of trauma survivors. This modality allows services to be delivered in a way that avoids unintentional re-traumatization and helps increase client engagement and participation in treatment.

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